is a provider of conflict management and dispute resolution services to federal, state, municipal and judicial circuits, as well as private citizens throughout the State of Georgia. Staff mediators maintain the highest level of confidentiality, while remaining neutral throughout the mediation session. All staff mediators are ‘Registered Neutrals’ with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution of the Georgia Supreme Court.

Our firm incorporates a future-focused approach to settling disputes. This entails the Parties working together to achieve an outcome beneficial to all Parties involved, with the ability to conclude the session with an optimistic outlook on the future benefits of the resolution. The past cannot be changed, but it serves as a valuable reflection of potential opportunities. Future-focus is the key to resolving past conflicts.

Xepus Holdings is registered with: the Central Contract Registry for contracts with the federal government, the State of Georgia Procurement Registry for State contracts and Dun and Bradstreets. We are committed to the alternative dispute resolution process, which creates a non-adversarial environment in which the Parties agreement is mutually acceptable. Neutrality, mutual respect and freedom of expression are encouraged and will be maintained by all staff mediators.

-Reginald F. Williams, President

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